Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Trend-The Slit Dress...(Mipasuo)

 amber heard
 emma stone
 jennifer lopez
 miranda kerr
 irina shayk
jlo..again..mhh hyo ndala hapo chini.

The Girly Lady Gaga

since we r not used to see LG dressin in normal attire,thn i thnk ths look must be outrageous..she ws spotted leavin her hotel in london..headin 2 th studio..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 smiles...

 leading man Taye Diggs
 "The Rock" Dwayne...

Will Smith and Trey Songs....
 Anthony Marc..hz gorgeous,n tht smile..mmhhh
 Blair Underwood..wht a Hunk...
 Boris Kojoie..yummie...
 Bruno Mars
 Mhh mhhh mhhh Chris Brown
 Mr Gabrielle Union to be,Dwayne Wade..
 The man himself showin hz 1mil dollar smile Eddie Murphy
 Mr Idris Elba
 Kanye West..
 Michael Ealy..daaamn..
 love him soooooo mch...Michael Jai White..
Morris Chestnut..
 Reggie Bush..<3
 Sexy n ol grown up..Romeo..
 Tyson Beckford..
Timothy Bloom
here are some of the hunks from the ""sexiest smiles club""...check it out..