Saturday, January 8, 2011

hw 2 look good in pictures

was talkin wt a friend..and she told me,no matter wht she does hatokei vizur kwny picha,and that she's not photogenic..and this got me thinkin of postin this to you..jinsi ya kupose na kutoka vzur kwny picha.....

*Being very bful or goodlookin daznt min u will look gud in pictures,u shuld knw hw to work the camera best,and hw to put your best self
*Focus on whta you are kama hupigi picha knw how to present youlsf ,kuchagua style ya mavazi na rangi vinachangia sana picha kutoka vzur ama la,
*Keep your face in Equilibrium-Usicheke saana mpaka kuonyesha jaws,usigusanishe meno,raise your eye brows a little,stress the corners of your eyes,
*Determine your best angles-find ni upande gani wa uso wako unatokea vzur kwny picha,try to look slightlyabove the camera when th picture iz taken...
*Get rid of a double chin-try 2 position yourslf so that the camera iz above or at your eye level
*Focus on your posture-it will improve your appearance in pic,
*Relax--the more comfotable and relaxed you appear,the better the photo will turn out
*Dnt hold your breath...
*Only think of happy thoughts..
*Smile with your eyes,Pick the right location,Get a better photographer,
*Edit nad enhance photos,ths pia itasaidia ku mek picha ionekane vzur

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