Sunday, October 24, 2010

HoW To LoVe...!!

Love-is both an action and feeling
The Action of Love generates a blissful feeling called by the same name.
When the action stop,the blissful feeling is replaced by pain.
Every person is capable of great Love(and its opposite,fear,which genarates all painful emotions such as Hate,Greed and Jealousy)

While there are many different ways to define Love and there are many ways to earn LOVE..
Below is the general guide to Loving...
  •  Say It-When you say the words I Love You they should carry with them the desire to show some one that u really love them.
  • Emphasize-Undersatnd other peoples feelings,don't impose your own expectations to them,and try to control them.
  • Love Unconditionaly-Accept them as they are,and not who u want them to be...
  • Expect nothin in return-That doesn't mean you should allow them to mistreat or undervalue you,it means giving love doesn't guarantee receiving love.
  • Realize it can be lost-If you realze that u can loose the one you love,then you have a grater appreciation of what you have..
  • Never stop lovin-Even if you have been HURT before,u should not stop giving love...
       -Nimeifuma hiyo article,imenifundisha sure itakusaidia msomaji wangu especially if ushawahi kuwa hurt hapo nyuma,usiogope kupenda again and again..,there's that special s1 just for u somewhere...!

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