Saturday, December 4, 2010

To ma Special some1......

Do u hv tht spcl someone..?
the one who inspires u...
the one who gives u courage...
someone who frees ya misery
someone who stand up for u
the one who cheers u up.....
the one who keep ya hrt alive...
...ths z fo u ma spcl someone...
koz u mean the worls 2 me..

Shayne Ward - Breathless

ts 03:00am...m on bed,bt cnt sleep..guess hvn insomnia..and the atmosphere here z very romantic,well maybe ts bkoz m listenin to slow music..and ths got me thinkin..maybe i shul post some lyrics frm 1 of the songs i listened 2..well i chose breathless from shayne ward..i thnk the lyrics goes well wt the romantic s2atn am in nw...enjY..!!

LoVe Graffiti

Love is around us...If U take a closer look ,u myt see a lito more of's th great declarations of love expressed in graffiti ....

The New Year's KISS

Historians date ths practice back to the ancient Romans...who wuld throw a bg party evry New Year's Eve and called t a festival of Saturnalia whr theykiss n debauch 1 another as much as possible
Later o the English and Germans wuld celebrate by kissing the 1st person they met whn the bell rang Twelve O'clock
There is also a superstitious element to it,supposedly kissing those closest to u,at the stroke of midnight will strengthen the bonds of your relationship in the year to come...
All in all,,put the tradition aside ...Don't waste your New Year's kiss.ts one of the most life-affirming pleaasure and only comes around rarely...Use it as an excuse to grab hold od someone u love,or someone u hv crush on for ages...mek sure u use it and kiss those spcl to u passionately wt evrthn u hv got...
Mi  nta make sure the nxt nyu years eve nipo wt ma spcl some one...and wil gv hm the bst kiss ever...!!try t..u wl surely lv  t.

Kim steps out without MakeUp...

Kim K.. did the steppin out with no Make up while gettin a manicure in LA...if it were someone else ths wuldn't b such a big nt Kim K as shez famous for caking on the Heavy cosmetics...

Kristen wants to get a Boob Job

Rumor has it that Kristen Stewart ''feels she is too flat-chested''and wants to get a boob job...ts also reported that her boyfriend Robert Pattison is sooo against it...and has even tried to mek her change her mind about gettin the breasts implants...

Nicki lookin lyk Lady gaga

Nicki minaj weekly appearance as she showed up in''Jimmy Kimmel Live..wearing a pink puffer coat.lacy jumpsuit and cage skirt..actually she looked like a Lady Gaga Wannabe...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

R. Kelly -- When A Woman Loves [Official Video Free Download]

Classic R&B song..i just lv t..

Quote of the Day....!!

At the touch of Love,everyone becomes a Poet...

Born in 25th October....?

Well,Happy Birthday..and u share your birthday with these Famous People..
Katy Perry-1984
Pablo Picasso-1838
Bobby Knight-1940
Sara Lumholdt-1984

Do All Things with Love...!

10-Must-have items(clothes) for every man!

  • Tie
  • Suit
  • Good Shoes
  • Sport Jacket
  • V-neck Sweateer
  • Shirts
  • Leather Jacket
  • Casual Pants(not jeans,but khakis,cardets corduroys)
  • Sports wear(shorts,jerseys e.t.c)
  • An Overcoat...

How to dress Appropriate for Work........!

Mara nyingi,siku za jumapili ikifika mida kama hii kila mtu anakuwa na mawazo 'kesho ntavaa nini kazini'' au kama ni 'chuo'au katika shughuli za kila siku za kutupatia kipato,sio wote wanaofikiria kuhusu hili..ila kwa mtu anaejipenda na anae penda kupendeza lazima ata come accross this problem..
Kuna baadhi ya ofisi wanavaa uniform kama Banks,or Hospitals and taasisi zingine but kwa wasiovaa uniform..nimejaribu kutafuta tips kwa akina dada or akina mama za jinsi ya vizuri kazini kwa kuwa simple,bila kutumia akili sana..
  • The Little Black Dress-sio lazima liwe black,bt rangi kama kijivu,light blue pia zinafaa kuvaa ofisini,lakini hakikisha ni gauni la heshima,lisibane sana,au kuonesha sehemu kubwa ya mwili.
  • Belt-chagua material yoyote uipendayo,uwe wa leather n.k,belts znasaidia kupendezesha kukufanya uvutie zaidi.
  • Accessories-epuka vikolombwezo vyenye nakshi nyingi,kama charm bracelets,au hereni kubwa ..
  • Shoes-jipende,tafuta viatu vizuri virefu bt sio virefu sana vikakufanya utake kuanguka au ushindwe kutembembea,lakin pia visiwe flat kabisa.labda kama una matatizo ya miguu na huwezi kuvaa viatu virefu,na kama utavaa viatu ambavyo vipo wazi kwenye vidole,hakikisha umesafisha kucha basi.
  • Scarf-faida kubwa ya scarf,if utachagua rangi nzuri ya scarf itanogesha vazi lako na pia kung'arisha uso.
  • Wear your size-usivae nguo ndogo sana au kubwa sana,vaa nguo znazoendana na mwili wako.

HoW To LoVe...!!

Love-is both an action and feeling
The Action of Love generates a blissful feeling called by the same name.
When the action stop,the blissful feeling is replaced by pain.
Every person is capable of great Love(and its opposite,fear,which genarates all painful emotions such as Hate,Greed and Jealousy)

While there are many different ways to define Love and there are many ways to earn LOVE..
Below is the general guide to Loving...
  •  Say It-When you say the words I Love You they should carry with them the desire to show some one that u really love them.
  • Emphasize-Undersatnd other peoples feelings,don't impose your own expectations to them,and try to control them.
  • Love Unconditionaly-Accept them as they are,and not who u want them to be...
  • Expect nothin in return-That doesn't mean you should allow them to mistreat or undervalue you,it means giving love doesn't guarantee receiving love.
  • Realize it can be lost-If you realze that u can loose the one you love,then you have a grater appreciation of what you have..
  • Never stop lovin-Even if you have been HURT before,u should not stop giving love...

Rihanna ft. Drake - What's My Name (Lyrics)

i just love this song,and since 'official video' yake haijatoka,nmeona si vibaya nika share these lyrics wit u..!enjOy..

Daily Quote....

''All of our dreams will come true,If we have courage to pursue them''
-Walt Disney